Harness Intelligence

  • Some big choices we have to make are complex, and sometimes the little choices have room to benefit from additional information. Asking the right questions and having the right information are the essential building blocks of business intelligence solutions.
  • Analytics practice provides a critical value to quantify and clarify when information is vague, to reduce risk and be better poised for success ahead. It helps discover new opportunities through investigation, and as these insights become operationalized through decision making processes during daily activity, the business can realize bottom line benefit from compounding advantage and efficiency.
  • We help our clients identify what's important, manage the relevant information, and generate the insights to drive targeted results.
Data Modeling

How do you describe a problem and solution by defining the inputs and results of the analysis as a data structure?

Through the close collaboration between A.I. engineers, data engineers, Subject Matter Experts (SME) and business people, investigation is undertaken to figure out how things are related to each other in regards to a problem or exploration. The results of this investigation are used to build the data model so we can provide a holistic view to our clients in the way we model their problems into a data system.

Data Capture

Oftentimes an underestimated non-trivial aspect of analytics initiatives is the acquiring, formatting, storing and providing of data in relevant formats. Boston Data Labs provides architecture, implementation and ongoing data capture services with full stream monitoring for our clients. Our data consumption practice extends to include general online information, social media, financial and many other sources.

At Boston Data Labs our data capture storage is natively integrated with our advanced extensible proprietary analytics platform.

Data Processing & Intelligence

Drive better decision making within your organization and surpass competition by bringing cutting edge insights to your managers and teams, with real-time reporting of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and alerting, allowing everyone to respond faster and more accurately with better information.

In areas where our customers have a good understanding of their problems and solution approaches, we can help them translate that into an advanced, stable solution that automates everything. In situations where customers face vague, complex or hidden challenges, we can help them bring advanced expertise to help define the problem space and take measures towards resolution.


With a steady focus on harvesting data to improve awareness and advantage, we maintain collaboration between our business, data science, software and design teams, providing leadership in our approach to puzzle mastery and problem solving.


By quantifying and comparing information about your unique problem space factors through a variety of methodologies, we cut to the core of what makes the difference and yield results with direct impact on getting to where you need to get to. 

Classic Analytics

Straightforward analysis through comparison of simple statistics create metrics that can yield meaningful results. Standard statistical methods such as analysis and quantitative data modeling isolate outliers, identify trends and benchmark performance.

Insight Analytics

Working with your SMEs to understand your goals and priorities and understanding the information resources available. Next, we bring our expertise with our data science and software engineers to assemble and apply analytical techniques that will draw correlations, relationships and conclusions in unconventionally unclear circumstances.

Predictive Analytics

How early and accurately can you identify oncoming course-altering impacts, or seize your next great opportunity? Harnessing the power of today's computational resources allows us to apply machine learning methods powered by software which learn, identify and act on vast informationscapes. Whether operated by users or running independently, our predictive programs improve over time via expanded learning. Talk with us to identify the areas in your organization, and figure out areas where it would be high value to be able to see around the corner.

Data-driven decisions

Senior directors and leadership need all the resources at their disposal for guiding their vision through action and leadership in the organization. In order to achieve aggressive performance goals and growth metrics, directors are tasks with evaluating and defining challenges with complex options and leading the company through unclear territory ahead. Boston Data Labs gives you the map to navigate these waters and delivers confidence in making tough making decisions using the most accurate and relevant information available.


Information access has become increasingly important to get right in today’s dynamically changing landscape. With data hubs able to instantly process and distribute critical messages about the state of your system, Boston Data Labs keeps you connected and knowledgeable regarding the details of your activity. Providing online interactive dashboards and reports featuring drill-downs, charts, and data exporting, we will design a reporting solution that delivers the information your people need at their fingertips.

Analytics and data-driven decision support is a powerful tool in business competitive advantage and differentiation through defining and operationalizing strategic intelligence. Allow your organization to see deeper into its own inner workings and illuminate efficiency improvement and new possibilities. Extend your information scope and resolution to expand your awareness and connect better with customers in your market.

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