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  • Many people and companies have similar goals, however the way in which we do things often determines the outcome. The behavior of prioritizing the right topics and plans and the manner in which you proceed to act on those plans is the vehicle by which organizations either accomplish their designs or struggle to achieve traction in their efforts.
  • Top performing teams maintain organization in the face of challenge and chaos, sharing the common characteristic of employing tuned structured frameworks for how they effectively operate and handle a myriad of tasks. Leaders run teams that weather rough waters and take advantage of the many opportunities both large and small that present themselves every day.
  • Boston Data Labs has turnkey expertise which is able to help you use the resources already at your disposal to do more every day. We'll help you highlight inefficiencies hiding in your organization through accurate detailed models with clear visual representation, and then we’ll guide you through the cycle of adopting improved methods by training your team to take the next steps as your organization advances its practices and growth.
Process Discovery

Using realistic approaches like evidence-based investigations to get a view into the processes already you have in place is often the simplest way to break down the toughest problems. Looking at the business holistically adds dimension by understanding how teams and processes work together, while gaining an understanding of how they affect each other.

Working with your team, we employ a variety of methods with which to encourage both individual and team participation. Taking a personal approach builds rapport and sets the foundation of good relationships and positive collaboration, leading to the next step of group facilitation and workshop.

Process Modeling & Documentation

Mapping out processes and concretely modeling them often leads to epiphanies when the models are intuitive and well designed. As visual creatures, we can gain insight into systems when they’re visually laid out for us that may remain hidden in other contexts. Every well-used process contains a number of these epiphanies waiting to be discovered.

Company direction and making the decisions on where to place resources is a challenging task on the best of days, and having more information is always beneficial. Combined with historical financial performance, the modeling and documentation archive allows a company to take a step further in the understanding of how internal efforts affect the bottom line, and which processes have the most effect and should be given the most attention.

Process Optimization & Automation

The specialized knowledge contained within your organization is indispensable when optimizing any process for positive gains. Domain knowledge built over years is key in avoiding potential pitfalls, on the same level that fresh vantages in your organization have new ideas that can modernize your perspective. The entire range of experience is crucial in the navigation of the waters of optimization.

Effective change management employs the discovery phase’s identification of priorities and bottlenecks to establish a tangible approach highlighting the key areas of business benefit, which defines the next steps to take in process optimization. Bring teams together to effectively communicate and collaborate and build an empowered culture of teamwork that’s self-reflective and responsive in order to harvest knowledge in an ongoing practice of internalized optimization, driving success and growth for the business.

Business process optimization jumps the hurdle that all companies face, which is how to do more with less. Increasing efficiency in the market place means that you have to run a tight ship or risk being left behind. Boston Data Labs has a history of successful projects helping companies sort out their inefficiencies so that they could sail off confidently into the future.

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